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Government Of Assam Department of Tourism

Apply for Sponsorship for fairs, festivals etc from the Tourism Department ?


  • Financial assistance or sponsorship will only be provided to events, fairs and festivals which are directly linked with tourism promotion in the state
  • Sponsorship will not be provided for any cultural or other events not involved for promotion of tourism 
  • Events which attract only the local crowd will not be financially supported by the department 
  • Only fairs and festivals promoting tourism outside the state or country will be funded.


To facilitate the extensive involvement of private sector and active participation of local community in various aspects of Tourism promotion is one of the mission statements in the Draft Tourism Policy of the state. To serve this purpose, the tourism department, Directorate of Tourism and Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) have been extending financial assistance/grants or sponsorship from their budget to various organizations including firms, companies and NGOs for holding various types of fairs, festivals and events. In some cases, the financial assistance is done fully and in some cases, partly in the form of sponsorship and partnership. 

Eligibility Criteria

The Tourism Department and its sub-coordinates offices will entertain and provide financial assistance/grants/sponsorship only to such events which are directly linked with Tourism promotion and development in the state or promoting state tourism outside the state or country. 

Documents Required

An Application addressed to the Commissioner and Secretary, Tourism Department, Government of Assam

How to apply

Any application related to sponsorship for tourism activities, tourism fairs and festivals, shall be addressed to the Commissioner and Secretary, Tourism Department, Government of Assam

Type of Service

Offline: Yes

Whom to Contact

Department of Tourism
'D' Block
Assam Secretariat

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